Why Oakmere

Why Oakmere

For more than four decades, Oakmere has established itself as a trusted name in the construction industry. Our dedication to crafting superior homes and creating thriving communities in Lancashire and Cumbria is at the core of our success.


We’re not like any ‘ordinary’ builder

Not only do we invest in the best locations, have superb house designs and use the best materials; we also collaborate with reputable local partners and award-winning Construction Managers to bring our homes to life.

We strive to accommodate the needs of our home buyers by working closely with them. By doing so, we guarantee that our new homes are finished to the highest standards of quality.

Throughout the entire process, we place great importance on listening attentively to our customers’ feedback. This ensures that we consistently deliver homes that inspire pride in those who live in them.

We have an attentive, trustworthy team

As a privately run house builder, we take great satisfaction in employing our team in the areas in which we build.

Our teams have strong knowledge of the local area, which proves invaluable when assisting our homebuyers. We have established strong partnerships with reliable collaborators that we consistently engage with. Furthermore, we prioritise investing in our staff to guarantee that our customers receive the utmost satisfaction while purchasing their Oakmere home.

We listen to our valued customers

With our vast expertise, we understand the importance of prioritising our customers in every new development, creating a genuine feeling of community in the areas we build. Our focus is on providing superior specifications, unmatched quality, and exceptional customer service.

We have over forty years’ experience

For over four decades, Oakmere has established itself as a reputable company renowned for building outstanding homes. Guided by the expertise of Gary Middlebrook, their team of skilled professionals is dedicated to designing and constructing award-winning homes that meet the highest standards.

Oakmere’s developments not only provide exceptional living spaces but also foster a strong sense of community. The feedback received from our valued customers affirms that the additional details we incorporate truly make a meaningful impact.

Considering these factors, it becomes evident why Oakmere stands out as the preferred choice when purchasing your new home. To see our Current Developments, Click here.

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