Consumer Code

Consumer Code

We pride ourselves on our high level of Customer Care here at Oakmere, and take Customer Satisfaction very seriously.

What is the Consumer Code?

The Consumer Code for Home Builders is ‘The Code’ that ensures that you, the buyer of a newly built home, is protected right through the purchasing process and beyond.

The code requires that all Home Buyers are fully informed throughout their home-buying journey and that they know what level of service to expect at all times.

What Does the Code Cover?

The Code covers every stage of the home-buying process, right from pre-contract to occupation.

  • Pre-contract, The Code ensures that Home Buyers are given enough pre-purchase information to help them make suitably informed purchasing decisions.
  • When it gets to the point of the Contract Exchange, The Code ensures that Home Buyers are given reliable and realistic information about when construction of the home may be finished, the date of Legal Completion and the date for handover of the Home.
  • Finally, during Home Occupation, The Code ensures that the Home Buyer is given an accessible after-sale service which covers all points including what the service includes, whether any building work will continue in surrounding properties and the relevant health & safety information surrounding this.

Oakmere are proud to adhere to The Consumer Code for Home Builders and welcome any questions our customers may have.

For more information on The Consumer Code, you can download it here.

You can access more information about the Consumer Code by visiting