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The First Choice For New Homes

Oakmere Homes is the first choice for local home buyers

We take pride in the quality of our homes, in the selection of our locations, in the way we build and care for our customers.

New homes designed for modern living

We invest a huge amount of time and effort in the design of our homes to ensure they are full of character and suited to the needs of our customers - so they are built to suit your lifestyle and are a place you love coming back to. Some of the things you'll notice when you visit our homes:
  • Good natural lighting
  • Storage space
  • Off road parking
  • Superb energy efficiency
  • Downstairs WC
You'll see for yourself the high quality workmanship and appreciate the unique benefits of a brand new home.

A sound investment for your future

The standards set by our homes represent a promise that a new Oakmere Home will be a sound investment for your future. Our customers benefit from more than just long term financial values. We put people at the heart of every development and create homes that are designed for close family integration and great communities where our customers love to live.

Energy efficient design and materials

We employ advanced building systems and proven materials to ensure your new Oakmere Home is extremely energy efficient, comfortable to live in and built to last. By owning a new Oakmere Home you will be reducing your energy usage, saving the environment and best of all - saving money for years to come.

Built by trusted local builders

Oakmere Homes is a family run local house building company based in Cumbria, building homes for local people, providing jobs for local tradesmen and contractors. After 30 years, we're still here because people have trusted us and we have looked after them.

Unbeatable specification

We're able to offer you an unbeatable specification and include items that some national companies charge extra for. Check out the specification on our individual property details to see everything included with your property.

Location, location, location

When buying a new home we know that location is one of the most important considerations in your decision. Oakmere seeks out prime locations for new developments with access to good schools, local amenities and transport networks so you know your home will not only be easy to sell in the future, but it will be right for you and your family.

The best available 10 year newbuild warranty

Every new Oakmere Home carries a 10 year National House Building Council (NHBC) warranty – which is your guarantee that it meets the highest national quality standards. NHBC is the UK's leading warranty provider and we want to ensure that all our customers have the benefit of the best and most reliable service. Moreover, NHBC has given Oakmere the top rating of "A1", a proud symbol of trust that underwrites our commitment to your satisfaction.

A personal customer care team

From the moment you visit one of our developments you will have a dedicated individual to help you every step of the way in the purchase of your new home making the whole process as smooth and stress free as possible. We make every effort to guarantee the satisfaction of our buyers and this continues after you move in. If you encounter any issues with your new home our staff will work with you to quickly resolve them. Just ask the New Homes Adviser at your nearest development for more information.

We employ award winning site managers

We have superb house designs, we invest in the best locations, use the best materials and have the best locally trusted builders. To pull it all together we employ award-winning construction managers to ensure that your new home has a quality finish set to the highest standards.

Invest in a new Oakmere Home

People invest a lot more than money in a new home.
They invest their future security and that of their family.
They invest years of their lives spent living there.
They invest their happiness and contentment,
because home is at the heart of everyone’s lives.
Invest in an Oakmere Home – you will love living there.

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